September 06, 2011

Long Weekend

Three glorious days of being completely lazy with our new Roku, Dexter, cuddley duvets, Rummikub and lots of food.

And I only managed to take four pictures the whole weekend. Target run, game playing, finally hanging pictures up, and the first day I could wear tights! I was so happy to be walking around in tights and thinking to myself "hmm, I should've layered". GLORY BE! Fall is in the air. I know we're bound to have some dumb heat wave or two to come back through Nashy but yesterday got me so excited. It was wet, rainy and cold all day but Miles and I both agreed that yesterday was the best real life married day so far (even if Dexter season 5 was a major let down). Hurray for cool breezes! Hurray for turning a/c units off and opening up the windows even though the rain is sprinkling in.

Also, we have puppy fever. Halp!

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