August 24, 2011


Such a fun, short weekend ending with a loonnngg trip home (delays, switched flights, airline customer service failures, an extra night in Chicago, crying in the airport like a big ole baby, late for one job, having to call out of another, complete exhaustion). But really, why has no one told me how wonderful Chicago is? Someone should give Miles and I jobs up there. Jobs that pay millions, preferably. That'd be reeeeal nice. I think I loved Chicago a teensy bit more because last week I stumbled across a History Channel documentary about bootleggers, rumrunners and prohibition...and Chi-town was obviously a very central part of all that. I can't wait to take Miles back up and explore with him! I'm glad both of my siblings now live there and I have a legit excuse to rack up some Southwest miles. 

Also, my momma bought all her children copies of The Help after we all loved the movie so much. And I am loving the book even more. Perfect summer read. I'm kind of disappointed in myself for not snatching up the book months ago when I saw it in Borders (oh Borders, how I miss thee!), long before I knew it was going to be a movie. 

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