August 12, 2011

And Then...

Wedding pictures! Being able to look through all of these has been the most amazing reminder of such an incredible day. I was in such a daze on our wedding day I feel like I missed so much. For as long as I can remember, everyone who has talked to me about their wedding day has said "it goes by so fast you won't remember anything!"
My experience wasn't so much that it went by that fast, just that I was in such a state of bliss/disbelief that the big day was finally here and happening I was kind of disconnected from everything. Miles is trying to get me to stop kicking myself over not being all that mentally present during all the wedding day goings on, I'm getting there...and these pictures are definitely helping.

I could not have made it through the month leading up to the wedding without my mom and sister. They totally schemed with me and pulled together everyone to carry out all our plans. They were so incredible.  Really, in my head, I know that my sister is growing up--but there were so many moments when I was completely blown away by what an amazing woman she has become. She was my voice of reason and took over whenever I was about to have a meltdown. Bo-you are the best. 
I had spent so long personally planning and dreaming of this day that when it actually arrived I didn't know how to stop planning and enjoy myself! I remember my mom putting on my shoes for me and having to force myself not to ask to stop being treated like a pampered child. Whew. I wish I could have completely enjoyed the many moments of being loved on a served by the people closest to me. But I am glad I can look back now and appreciate all that they did for Miles & I that day. 
I am so happy Miles came around to the idea of having a first look, seeing him before the ceremony was beyond perfect. We met at the park where we shot our engagement photos and the time we had here was really the only time I felt completely aware of what was happening around me. Miles and I are pretty introverted and easily get overwhelmed with there are a ton of people around--maybe that was part of my problem that day (lightbullbbb!) So with just our wonderful photographers and two of our best friends to drive us, we had such a special short time while taking these pictures. (I love this one with Miles and Matt so so much)
And then there was the longest walk from the car to my boo.
And then all was well.
And then there were grasshoppers.
I hope our babies are just like Miles. So easily excited--I adore.
Then there were the boys,
 and the girls.
We loved the ceremony, everyone who spoke said such wonderful things that I hope and pray we never forget. 
And then there was the moment where we turned to face everyone and only had to wait a few seconds for George Harrison to start playing.
We had a few moments to ourselves after the ceremony, I texted my friend in London and then we found this place and were joined by our photographers.

And then we went to our hot, hot, hot reception. No, it wasn't sexy. The a/c was out. So it was literally hotter inside the building than it was outside. It only took us about 2 minutes before we were dripping with sweat--how romantic!
My dad kept asking how long our song was. He had to take off his coat halfway through to reveal his short sleeved dress shirt. Oh you Hawaiian man, you. 
About an hour into the reception that was supposed to last 3 hours, Miles and I looked at each other and decided it was time for one last, sweaty song. So what better way to end this party than singing Justin Bieber at the top of our lungs. Even our moms got into it. My sister is hilarious in all of these pictures.

 Two of my wonderful cousins filled these birdseed cones exactly the way I asked them to. Too bad I overestimated the appropriate amount of birdseed that should go into the cones. We were totally pelted and still found birdseed in our hair the next day (and in my car for a good month after). There is a progression of pictures as we come out, and in all of them my dad is just standing facing the car with his head lowering in defense from the seeds. It is truly amazing.

The end (of the post).
I think I'm going to go through our phone pictures next and have another picture post from our point of view. 


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