September 23, 2011

Last Name Game

So how long is it supposed to take for me to remember my last name has changed? I guess I haven't ever straight up forgotten that I have a new last name..but I keep having those weird gut moments when I have to say my full name and am required to pause before I give it. Even when my newly alliterated name leaves my lips, in the back of my head I think, "really?"

For months (possibly years, shh) I have ben dreaming of this last name that I now what gives? I suffered mild separation anxiety after the wedding when I thought of no longer having my parent's and sibling's last name. So I made it my middle. Its not the absolute best full name, doesn't flow that well. My former last name, maiden, if you will, was something that could only ever be a last name..and here I am, turning it into a middle. So heres to still being part Gaskins and getting used to ending in Benefield. And farewell to my one true middle name, Grace. You will always remain in my heart.

P.s. Can you tell I have nothing at all to write about? But I am trying to stick with this blog. 
I had lunch with a good friend today and I moaned about being so boring all the time and how I play mommy all during the weekdays (and love it). But can't really have a mommy blog because this babe aint mine. You just wait...

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