October 17, 2011

Grad School?

Shmrad Schmool.

I have no idea what to do whenever my nanny gig ends, which could be any time this spring, summer, or another year away. What lovely certainty! I don't know if I should just try my hand at a real world job, or head back and snag another degree for my...degree belt. Because its a little empty right now with just a diploma and a BS in a mildly regretted major. But I'll tell you whats not empty, is our big ole bucket of student loans. To add to that bucket, or not add? Either way, there isn't a whole lot that I can do about it right now. Except for talk to Miles about it all the time. Sorry, boo. 

On another, completely unrelated note..how incredible are s'mores? How am I still surprised each fall season by how much I love them? I wish we had a yard to have a fire pit in. We would have s'mores every single night. One day....one day.

(Image from this website..honestly, I googled s'mores images. Mmmmmm)

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  1. ohhhh student-loan debt. I feel ya. My own boo is in grad school, so we have some buckets of debt ourselves... but it'll be worth it (that's what I keep telling myself). Do what you love, girl... money is less important. Or so I like to think. =)


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