July 13, 2011


Okay, I just realized I used one beach picture about three times. What gives? I don't want to go back and change all det crep so I'll just let you look at it three times. I mean, its pretty...

Miles and I stayed at a resort right outside of Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic last week. It was beyond amazing. I lingered on the website a little just now as I linked it and remember, before the wedding how much I hoped the resort was as nice as it looked in the pictures and the huge sigh of relief when Miles and I arrived last week and realized that it was! Ooh-ing and ahh-ing over the lobby, the plaza, the pools, the beach, the [free, upgraded honyemoon] suite, the balcony, the cheap bottle of welcome champagne...

Our days consisted of no wake up alarms, no awareness of time at all unless it was related to being able to eat a certain meal, uncoordinated breakfast buffets, poolside reading, beachside  reading, floating, sunscreen application (and having to purchase not one, but two more bottles of it for ~$30 each at the resort store--seriously? vom), Bohemia beer, cabana lunches, weird themed dinners, conversations about the apartment, about our future, about our hopes, our second ever episode of Modern Family, quoting said episode for the rest of the week, a catamaran excursion to the Blue Lagoon and starfish gazing on a sandbar. 

Miles is such a stud. I mean. In every single picture. Are you kidding me right now, guy? After one particular picture I asked him why he has such cheeky poses sometimes. He asked me (in all seriousness) if I meant "chic". I love that man. 

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