July 27, 2011

Grunge Sponge

For the past three weeks I have been such a grunge sponge. What is a grunge sponge you may ask? Its basically a person (lets say...a nanny), who is still clean, but very lazy with their appearance. And sponge is the only word I could think of that rhymed to go along with it. I mean, for nine hours a day, five days a week, I am alone in a house with a baby. I have to wear something that I can be comfortable in sitting on the floor, bending over crib rails, swinging the babe on my hip....okay I guess I'm making up ridiculous reasons to wear basically the same clothes every day. Target leggings and flowy tops. And makeup? Why bother when literally no one else is going to see me all day? But right now I am missing a reason to look even remotely cute during the week. I've become such a grunge sponge that I'm afraid I'll forget how to put together an outfit that doesn't consist of leggings.  And summer is my least fave season because no matter what you wear, you're hot and sticky. Summer also makes me want to chop all my hair off again. How do these gorgeous girls with long flowy locks walk around with their hair down? I die. 

Lately I've been longing for fall weather. I love fall. The cool, crisp weather. The incredible colors. The freshness of the air when you walk outside. Being able to walk outside without having a heat stroke.
I know I'll miss the lovely walk from my apartment to my school but as soon as it cools down in Nashy I'm going to load up this baby in her stroller and spend our days in the park across the street. Then I can look fab in the park.

The other day I joined Pinterest and am still getting used to it. I'm not one to browse a million blogs and websites for inspiration. I find the five or so blogs whose owners do all that for me, but since all I have is time these days I am trying to break out of that shell. Here's to the glorious fall season, I'm eagerly awaiting your arrival (you too, winter, I still love you too).

Sorry, this was a terribly vain post. But if you could see what I look like every day, you would understand.

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