July 22, 2011


Oh my goodness I have been slacking so much...blogging, thank you notes, becoming a chef extraordinaire. I blame it on the Kardashians. For the past two weeks I have been one part newlywed, one part baby watcher and one part vegetable. I have definitely watched more television in these two weeks than in the past 4 years. The other day I realized how serious my problem was...

Yes. That is me double watching Keeping up with the Kardashians (while the babe was sleeping, I'm not a horrible nanny, I promise). I finally caught up with all the episodes today so I feel like I can put a rest to this completely ridiculous obsession. I can also stop unknowingly channeling Khloe when I am home with Miles. Poor husband. 

Other than watching terrible reality shows and crying from laughing so hard while watching 3 Men and a Baby for the first time (diaper changing scene, anyone?)(such a sucker for an easy laugh), this has been what the majority of my days look like:

I can't even deal. This babe is so precious. Yesterday, I took her with me to change my name and get a new license. She screamed and cried the whole car ride but was a perfect little adorable angel when we we're at the social security office and the DMV. Such a little ham! Also, I am totally okay with how nice everyone is to me when I am carrying a baby around.

Tonight, Miles and I are going to try and revive our social life. I mean, not that our socializing with friends was on fire before the wedding, but what little flame we did have has died down to barely a simmer. That analogy was just...amazing (terrible). So heres to going out with friends who are moving away to D.C. in August. Gotta pack in all the hang times we can before that sad, sad day. 
Hopefully we don't fall asleep at the table/bar/party/wherever we are when the clock strikes 9 since that has been our old married couple bed time for the last 15 days. 

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