June 02, 2011

Good Thursday

I was in a pretty good mood this morning, waking up and knowing that I would be getting married exactly one month from today (and it also being payday--hallelujah!) Then my phone rang and I got some really exciting news that sent me over the edge as far as my good moods go. After I calmed down a bit I set out to  get some errands done before work this afternoon. I accidentally ran into an amazing sale and also bought shorts that were, count it, TWO sizes smaller than my regular size. Not that I've lost weight..like at all, I don't know what the deal was but I will definitely take it. Mood elevated to pure elation by this point. 

I went to the grocery store and my favorite part about going there is their ridiculous music that they play. Seriously hijacked from my middle school days. So I shopped to Backstreet Boys and LFO. And when Josh Groban came on I must admit I got a little bit choked up. I know! I am so, so lame. But I really have reached the conclusion that that aint gonna change and I won't deny my true self :)
I bought test flowers from le grocer to see how they will look for the wedding and about how many I will need for mason jars and bouquets. Also, I have decided that Tennessee has an abundance of free flowers (Miles says their weeds, and I say they're beautiful) in its highway medians and that I'm going to relieve them of a few fleeds (flower/weeds) for the wedding. 
Anyways, my grocery flower test run proved to be very helpful.

When I got home I did a little flower arranging and continued with my BSB listening party. I need to get some Josh Grobs too...

Update: just did the math and I had grossly highballed (real phrase?) how many flowers I would need to order. Thats the kind of stuff I like to discover. So now our flowers will cost a third of what I have budgeted! Today is definitely my day.

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  1. oh dear. i love you. so much. you always make me laugh/smile.

    and, ummmmm, what was i going to ask, OH that's righ....WHAT WAS THE GOOD NEWS PHONE CALL ALL ABOUT?!


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