June 12, 2011

Sister Time

On Friday I picked my sister up to come stay with me until the wedding. Poor girl has nothing else to do here except read her books and help out with wedding projects. But it was her choice to come up to early so I don't feel that bad. I think the Sondre Lerche show on Friday night also had a little bit to do with her desire to come up so soon. 

It was so good. Miles and I saw him two Februarys ago and both agree that he is one of our favorites to see live. He also always has incredible artists open for him. Kishi Bashi and Nightlands were the openers for this show, JBM opened last time. All so good. Seriously. Go listen.
And then there is Sondre. 

He is simply wonderful. And makes me want to be Norwegian. And makes Miles want to buy a Country Gentleman and play jazzy music for me. Everything is good when Sondre is three feet in front of you. I got to meet him last time we saw him, I was a complete dork of course. He is just so goooood.

Last night we bought an a/c unit for the apartment (hallelujah!) and Miles came over before church to install it. And let me tell you...I am blissfully chilly right now as I sit on the couch in my living room (as opposed to the bed in my bedroom). Oh the joys of comfortably sitting upright and not having to watch movies  on a computer!

I think Miles and I are going to get our marriage license some time this week. 19 DAYS!

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