June 09, 2011

June Cleaning

I am going to get my sister tomorrow and bring her back up to Nashville to help me out until the wedding. We haven't lived in the same place in about four years...and right now I only have one air conditioner in the whole apartment. So two sisters confined to one teeny room could result in awesomeness or a serious case of cabin fever. I'm hoping for awesomeness. Obviously...

I'm also hoping to get another a/c unit, like...this weekend. Currently I am trying to make some space for Hannah in my closet and maybe if she is lucky I can also clean out a drawer for her. But really, I should probably being sorting this out regardless of my sister coming. Miles may want some space to live in his own home. The nerve!

How is this the master closest? I guess in the 1920s peoples clothes were smaller.......Or they just didn't have an obscene obsession with Goodwill. Orrrr.....
Just wish me luck. 

(Can you spot the wedding suit? He looks so fine in it you guys, and I'm not just saying that. You just wait for the wedding pictures. You. Just. Wait.)

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  1. Our house has the tiniest closets on the face of the earth. So I relate. Better put that diy creativity of yours to use to create some more clothing storage. :)


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