June 05, 2011

Birthday Weekend!

It is Miles' 25th birthday today! He's not super big on birthday celebrations, but lucky for him I love them. We both happened to have the whole weekend off (I honestly cannot remember the last time that happened) and decided to make the most of it! Which really means just eating a lot of food and watching a ton of Redbox and Netflix movies. Livin larrrge!

On Friday I woke up a little before 4am for no durn good reason and couldn't go back to sleep for the life of me! So I went to work on about 4 hours of sleep then came home and c-r-a-s-h-e-d. Most intense, deep, nap I have ever had and when I woke up to go have dinner with Miles my body simply couldn't deal with not still being cozied up in my bed (even at 6 on a Friday night). So I felt completely miserable at the mexican place we ate. I took about two bites of food and asked for a to-go box, we came back to the apartment and I had to lay back down. Determined to not ruin this birthday weekend, I rallied thanks to a pb&j sandwich Miles made me..with smooshed smiley faced jelly.

Then after Miles' whined about wanting Sonic's hot fudge cake sundae (that has retired from their menu) we decided Krispy Kreme would suffice. And apparently this drive thru is the location of the Nashville cicada night club because that place was hoppin.

Then there was a lot of wedding errand running on Saturday morning followed by lunch at Elliston Place Soda Shop and a visit to Guitar Center. Half birthday concession and half reward for Miles' being so helpful and patient during all the wedding errands. 

Today we went to church, had a sushi roll at our fave PM, browsed (and bought) at Phonoluxe Records, went back to Guitar Center (where Miles sneakily purchased something on his bday so I couldn't get upset at him) and ate a late lunch (kind of) with Jack White at Burger Up.

 Then I attempted to hastily bake a cake for my boo and failed when I reached the part where I had to smoothly detach the cake from the pan. So I improvised. With cupcakes.

I think (/absolutely know) I went wrong in not allowing the cake to cool...like at all before I removed it from the pan and proceeded to put icing on it. That explains why this cake guy's eye is a little on the droopy side. 

Also, my baby brother graduated from high school yesterday!! I am so proud of him and wish I could have been there. But I cannot wait to see him when he comes for the wedding! He will be joining my sister in Chicago for school and I am already planning a trip up there for their birthdays (a day apart from each other). Aaaand look how adorable (and gorgeous) this photo of my bro and his girlfriend is:

p.s. Miles' birthday and Caleb's graduation were the last big things on my calendar before the wedding. Just sayin'.


  1. ohhhh i really like the polaroids of you two!! and...i can not believe how big caleb is. AHHHH! yay about coming to the chi for their birthdays!


  2. Okay I actually have three comments:
    1) Sonic got ride of the hot fudge cake sundae?!? what were they thinking?! that was their best dessert!!! this is a major disappointment.
    2) I too struggle with the patience to let a cake properly cool and this happens to me almost everytime. Although not quite as severe as yours. But severe enough that the cake mixes all in with the icing and looks completely horrible.
    3) Where the heck did Caleb get those ABS?! What THE?! Holy cow.

  3. I'd say about 9 out of 10 times my cakes end up as broken smiley faces. Mom got the best one a few tees back. The best messed up smiley face that is

  4. And know! Caleb is ridiculous. I always end up laughing whenever I see shirtless pictures...but really I'm impressed at his dedication.


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