April 04, 2012

Right Now:

Reading: Too many books all at once. I'm afraid that I've become a serial book starter/non finisher. Also, my Amazon wish list is out of control. Things aren't looking up for me.

Eating: Too much, apparently. I just downloaded a new app that helps me record calorie, carb, sugar & protein intake. Let me tell you, its not looking too pretty. Its also supposed to help me track exercises and to meet a weight goal. We'll see. When my string bean husband wants pizza (or heaven help me, Mexican food), I can't say no. And therein lies my problem. 

Listening to:
Dear The Shins, I will always love you. Miles too...He will always love you, and I will always love him. And you.
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Planning: Our impromptu (its still impromptu for us if we decided a week in advance) getaway to Chattanooga this weekend. I can't wait to get away with Miles! I can be pretty stingy with money when it comes to...everything, normal life and vacations, but we've promised to stop thinking about it just have fun this weekend. I'm actually really looking forward to it. And its Chattanooga, we can't get into too much spending trouble there. I've scoped out restaurants, just booked the hotel, found a movie theater where we can see Titanic 3D...yep! And Miles thought I'd forget about that. Well, he hoped. Sorry fo'ya, boo. Jack and Rose are falling in love again, this weekend, in Chattanooga, on the Titanic, in 3D. And my tears will be 3D, too. (aka, real. and a lot of them)

Wearing: No more jeans until the fall. After dying from heat yesterday in the park, holding the nanny baby who only wanted down, whilst trying to coax a two-year old out from a teeny tunnel (as in, no way I could ever go in after him, even without the baby on my hip) he found in the shrubs...I'll pass on the jeans. At least the black skinny type. Also, maybe I should've put my hair up...

Watching: Still Gossip Girl. Still. And not even really ashamed of it anymore. Also, I started The Killing this weekend. Who killed Rosie Larson?!!

Loving: That I am going to mail my great-grandmother's birthday card later this afternoon. She will be 101 years old next Sunday (yes, she was alive when the Titanic sunk. Mind=blown)(I done told you I was obsessed). And my nanny baby turns 1 the day before. Oh, life. Oh, time. This is a photo of my Grandarling playing the piano in her crown of flowers at her 100th birthday party last year: 

Wanting: The weekend to be here, for it to be completely wonderful and exactly what Miles and I need.

Confessing: We feel change a brewin' in our little household. No, not babies, as far as we know. But we're dreaming for ourselves and our life together in a way that we haven't before and it feels really liberating. 


  1. I just got back from Chattanooga. Tony's is an AWESOME little Italian restaurant in the art district and you can sit on the balcony looking over the river, and the Yellow Deli is another favorite of mine. Have fun!

    1. Yumm! Hopefully we can check one or both of those places out. I feel like we're just going to eat our way through the weekend


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