April 30, 2012


I've changed the post title a few times now. Tried to think of something more..title-y? Alas, I cannot help that all I can think about when I think about our evening last night, is how much I love the man I have married.

I don't really understand all that goes into guitars/guitar making, and thats not to say that Miles hasn't been trying to teach me...for years. He loves every single little detail that goes into a guitar, the craftsmanship, the engineering, the beauty. And once a guitar is built, its only really just begun its life as a musical instrument that has incredible capabilities. Miles is there at the beginning of a lot of guitars, he sees the first steps through, but loves all the steps that follow after and lead up to the finished product. And don't even get me started on how much he loves to put said finished product to use in our tiny apartment with paper thin walls.

Last night, we had tickets through Miles' work to see Tedeschi Trucks Band at The Ryman. I had never heard of them before, but I'm not one to turn down a free show at The Ryman. Miles knew of Derek Trucks from his brief stint with The Allman Brothers, so he was excited to hear him play. And geez, could that man play!

Knowing Miles for over 5 years has lead to...a lot of things. Marriage being one, appreciating an excellent guitarist/guitar solo is another. I admit to being on the verge of tears more than once last night, which kind of surprised me. Then I realized something: if I had to pick one sound that perfectly captured my husband and his soul, it would be that of a blues guitar. So of course I am brought to tears when I feel this music around me, because if I close my eyes, I can feel Miles around me.

Maybe it was being in this old church, turned historic venue. Maybe it was being so happy that Miles  was getting break from work to enjoy something that he loves. Maybe it was the way his hand tightened around mine as the sound of the guitar swelled out into the auditorium, and how over the guitar I could still hear him whisper that he loved me. Maybe it was a little bit of everything from those moments sitting in the balcony. But it was in those moments that I knew I was right where I was supposed to be, and with exactly who I was meant to be with. Sitting in a gorgeous old church, surrounded by the sounds that reveal something I could never put into words about the most wonderful person that I know.

And of course, I left the real camera at home and all our phone pictures are terrible. So here is my handsome boo on our honeymoon. Yeesh, I'd like to be back there right about now.


  1. the tedeschi trucks band is pretty much one of my favorites. hoping to see them at red rocks on MY BIRTHDAY this summer, but wish i could have caught them at the ryman! glad you got to enjoy it with your sweet boy.

    1. I loved them!! Hope you get to celebrate your birthday with them:)


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