March 26, 2012

Healthy Weekend

This weekend was delightfully opposite from last weekend. Miles wasn't sick, and even got off work early on Saturday! So we made the whole afternoon a big ole date, afternoon naps included! Saturdays!! Husband dating!! And I actually did my hair (once I found a super easy way to do it)

Boo, still waking up from our nap
I love it when we hang out. Also, I love that we love our neighborhood. We'll miss it terribly when we buy a house and move across the river. Why can't we just be loaded so we can afford to stay over here?

The rest of the weekend, not captured in pictures, was full of college friend reunions, surprise bday dinners, Hunger Games and a lot more food. I don't think Miles was 100% awake last night when he rolled over to mumble, "I guess the Hunger Games wasn't that bad..." Because he would never confess that in his right mind. And will probably demand I delete this confession as soon as he reads it.


  1. That first picture of your hair looks so pretty! Glad you had a fun weekend, little lday!

  2. Ah. I love this. One day, when you two are ridiculously wealthy and famous, you will be able to move back to the hood. At least, that's what I tell myself about Dupont Circle. Loves from DC!

  3. trying to learn to respond...

  4. your hair is gooooorg (just. like. you.)


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