March 16, 2012

Third Thursday

Yeah, I know this is a day late. And that I've completely forgotten to do this since I first resolved to. But I'll try to do better, knowing that I have no excuses...
Here is a little list of things that I am thankful for, I fell asleep thinking about them once I realized I forgot about this post. It really was a wonderful way to fall asleep, even if I had weird dreams all night. (Correlation?) Anyways, I am thankful for these things:
  • That we didn't end up buying the first house we fell in love with. It probably would have been a disaster.
  • Miles watches Titanic documentaries with me, and that this week, it lead to him watching the first Downton Abbey episode. And liking it. 
  • He also reads books that I love just so we can talk about them later.
  • Discovering the Draw Something app. Is that a silly thing to be thankful for? So fun for me during my nanny days.
  • After 4 days of me begging and pouting, Miles begrudgingly got the Draw Something app so I could play with him
  • The way Miles cleans the kitchen up. 70% completion*, 100% effort.
  • The nanny babe officially gives real hugs now. And they are the absolute best.
  • Also, sometimes it sounds like she's speaking Parseltounge. She's the real HP. With parents and no scar. 
  • I wore maxi skirts and sleeveless tops almost every day this week.
  • Eating kale. Always.
  • (and since this post is a day late) I am thankful for beautifully rainy, non-tornado-y stormy days.
Can I also reiterate how thankful I am for Miles? That he loves me, and likes me, and thinks I'm funny (but really, duh), and wants to spend time with me. I would like to say thats a given for husbands and wives, but he and I know that it isn't, and that makes us all the more grateful for what we have with each other. Boo, I crazy love you.
p.s. you're goofy.

*He cleans everything within his direct line of vision when he's standing in front of the sink. Even if the sink is piled high with stuff. Except, he'll move things over to the right of the sink so he has room to wash dishes, and then he forgets about the things he's moved. And if there is anything on the stovetop, it will stay there. Same with the coffee table (we still don't have a dining room table). In his defense, the coffee table isn't in the kitchen...

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  1. So can I just say that Miles' cleaning of the kitchen is EXACTLY like Taylor's? I alternate between being really frustrated with it and thinking it's hilarious and kind of cute.


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