March 19, 2012

A Little Trip Down iPhone Photo Memory Lane

Longest post title ever?
I upgraded my phone last week, and ended up transferring all my phone pictures to my computer to free up some major space. I had more pictures than anything else on my phone, and my phone was jam packed full. And now I get to look through all those old pictures on my computer, which makes me love them even more. Why haven't I always done this? So I've decided to select a few pictures at a time to share and remember. Even as I think about this, I am overwhelmed with all that has happened in the past year and thankful that I had my phone to snap a few lot of pictures. January- February 2011, here we goooo
Walking to brunch, cozy old room, Fishy McBishy, waiting a million hours for Loveless food, picnic lovin', thoughtful Valentine's card (the front said "will you be my..."), V-day date.

It doesn't feel like that long ago. How has it already been over a year?

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