March 19, 2012

Sick Weekend

I'm starting this post whilst mentally kicking myself for always forgetting to take pictures of life. I used to be obsessed, and never forget to take my camera around, then I have no idea what happened and I'm sad that I fell out of that habit. My phone is full of pictures of someone else's bebe, but I want to have other reminders of the life Miles and I have. I even have dreams where I forget to bring my camera places. Even my subconscious feels guilty.
The only picture I took from this weekend is this one:
My poor, exhausted boo after working 25 out of 32 hours on Friday/Saturday. I came home from afternoon babysitting to find him completely passed out on the couch (see his little, hiding, head?). He didn't even make it to the bed! And when he woke up, he had a fever of 109.... 

Okay, I now know that a fever of 109 means your dead. And that he also said "100.9" and I misheard. Now, I feel really dumb for just thinking "wow, 109, thats really high" as I left him at home to go get some popsicles, when I should have been crying and calling an ambulance. Good thing I was oblivious and didn't mistakenly dial 911..

Saturday night we just sat around, watching My Week With Marilyn, which I loved. And went to bed early. The next morning, he had an even higher fever. So I tried to remain calm (even thought I'm the emotional worrier in the relationship) and take care of my boo. Once he was settled with medicines, vitamins, secret spicy foods to break the fever, and garlic cloves to fight any infection (?), I got to deep cleaning the whole apartment. And let me tell you, it was amazing. We've been so busy lately, and I've cleaned a little here and there, but I'm a huge dork when it comes to having everything beautifully cleaned and organized. So as boo sat pitifully on the couch and caught up on all his shows, I was bursting at the seams and [mentally] whistling while I worked. 

All this to say, Miles got better as the day progressed, we ordered way too much pizza and ate off of it all day, we watched most of Downton Abbey's season one per Miles' request, and went to sleep in a perfectly clean, straight, organized apartment. I'd say we made the best weekend with what we had to work with. 

My favorite part of everything? We turned our a/c units on. Being in our apartment with the window units buzzing and blowing cool air made it feel like last summer again. And last summer was definitely the greatest summer of my life

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