December 15, 2011

Third Thursday

After all the Thanksgiving holiday goodness was over, Miles and I talked about making every third Thursday a little mini-thanksgiving (little mini? redundant much? no. I like it). Not with a huge meal, and unfortunately not with my awesome siblings or relatives, but full of reflecting on what we are thankful for. We'll have just a short while this evening to have our first mini-thanksgiving before I head back out to babysit my nanny baby and her sister tonight, but I'm going to get a head start.

Honestly, I almost forgot about our thankful resolution until this moment when I found myself watching an episode of "I'm Getting Married And..."(tried to find a link for this show, but it is nowhere to be found). I only discovered this show yesterday, it follows two brides in a unique/unusual/interesting situation who are getting married. After our wedding, the amount of wedding related shows, blogs, magazines that watched or read fell down to about zero. I'll be the first to admit that I over did it with the wedding "research", like way over did it. But this show isn't so much about idea for a dress or decorations or anything, its more about the bride and their situations. The episode I watched yesterday had one mail order bride and one bride entering into an arranged marriage. This episode has one bride one a $2,000 budget and another with an unlimited budget (that ends up at above $220,000). Miles and I had a fairly small budget, but I can't even imagine only having $2,000 to work with--so I ache for that bride. And this $220,000 bride? I am speechless. 

All this to say, this was a huge reminder of how incredibly thankful I am that our wedding is over. I had so much fun planning it but when it comes down to it, I am relived that July 2 has come and gone. I am so thankful that I am no longer engaged to Miles, but I'm now married to him! We fell into married life with great ease--almost so much ease that when people ask us how married life is, we don't know how to answer. We forget it is something new. I am thankful for that. I am thankful for a husband who sold guitars, holiday hours and worked overtime to pay for our wedding and honeymoon (on top of awful student loans) while I finished school. I am thankful for his patience with me and thankful that after all was said and done (and paid for), he was happy we had a real wedding and not a small ceremony. As much as I would have liked to dance through our entire reception playlist, I can laugh at the fact that the a/c was broken and we bailed on everyone in our sweaty wedding garb after only an hour. And then went and ate mexican food and drank margaritas as husband and wife. 

I am also thankful for these things:
  • That once the aforementioned episode was over, I found Amelie had just started on another channel.
  • Miles and I are ten days away from our first ever Christmas together
  • Last Sunday we drove to my grandmother's to pick up some furniture she wanted to give us. Among other things, I was given my great-grandmother's vanity. I'm so excited to have a place to put it in our new house (new house still TDB)
  • During the drive down to my grandmother's, Miles surprised me with a newly purchased Nat King Cole Christmas album.
  • Singing along with Nat at the top of our lungs. Even when he sang in German and we didn't know the words.
  • The scene in Amelie when she takes the blind man through the market and describes everything to him. I could cry.
  • That I just heard the nanny baby laughing to herself in the crib. Even if that means that she skimped on her nap time.

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