December 28, 2011

Oh, Long Christmas Weekend

We had such a wonderful first Christmas. Spent a lot of time with Miles' mom & sister, saw White Christmas in the theater on Christmas eve, ate so much food, went to the movie theater too many times (and never took photobooth pictures, ahem, Miles), played phone tag with my family, finally skyped with them a day late, and cuddled up on the couch and watched all our new movies. Did I mention that we ate a lot? I mean, wow. All the pictures on my phone are of food, I really hope we got some good pictures with the camera. Otherwise, that first Christmas will only be remembered by the pie holes we stuffed.

Other than being out with Miles' fam or at the movies, the couch was our home for four days. I'm totally okay with that holiday tradition. 

Also, Miles left his online gift ordering until the last possible minute and everything got to its place on time. Whereas I ordered my gifts almost three weeks ago and they have YET to arrive!! Bitter. 

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