December 10, 2011

28 Years Ago

Twenty-eight years ago my parents were married in a church in Texas. Twenty-eight years ago my parents made a promise to each another to love and honor one another, for better or for worse. And for the past twenty-eight years they have kept their promises, through the best and through the worst. For the past twenty-three years they have been the most incredible role models, parents and friends that I could have ever dreamed of. Their marriage, partnership and friendship daily influences my own marriage, partnership and friendship with Miles. I love them both more than I could ever put into words. I am so honored to be their daughter and to be loved by them. And I miss them every day that I don't see them! 

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  1. What a lovely testimony to two wonderful people that have inspired and encouraged us too. You are surely a daughter to be proud of! Jim and Elaine


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