December 15, 2011

A Wish

A Christmas wish!
I wish I had millions to spend on Miles and my family this Christmas. I've seen so many things and thought of so many gifts I could get. If only we made them big bucks! And if only Miles didn't want something that costs most of what we agreed to spend on each other. I want to get him so many other things! Alas. Not this Christmas. Even though I'll be trying to scheme a way around that obstacle until Christmas morn. Okay, maybe Christmas Eve. We also still need to get stockings. And stuff them. Yes Miles, you have to remember to stuff mine. 
I found this wonderful little board on pintrest and love how every pin gives me Christmas butterflies. Here are some faves:

And then there is this one, terrifying the bejeezus out of me:
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So, my dear little pets, enjoy these ten days until Christmas. 

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