December 13, 2011

Blog Birthday

Today is my blog's first birthday! This time last year, I was snowed in at Miles' house. Snowed in! (by southern state standards) Sure, its been cold a few days this month, but not one flurry of snow has fallen in Nashy. Either way, we're crossing our fingers for even a lightly whitened Christmas. 

I'm pretty sure this little blog isn't on many people's reading list, but I have really loved blogging this past year and being able to look back and remember all the wonderful things that have happened. I think the mixture of somewhat coherent sentences and stories along with all the photos helps transport me back to whatever moment I blogged about and remember it so much better than any regular journal entry would. I hope that I keep this blog up and have it to see how our lives change and grow in the coming months and years! 

(image via pintrest)

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