December 07, 2011

Note to Self,

I need to remember to watch these:

My Week With Marilyn--I've been looking forward to this ever since they casted Michelle Williams.
Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows--Because its the kind of movie I would normally go see with my family over Christmas break. Now I just have to do it in solidarity from across the country. Maybe we can plan it out to where we go to the theater at kind of the same time? Too much?
Albert Nobbs--I think I may really love this. Glenn Close? Mia Wasikowska? 19th century Ireland?
The Darkest Hour--Will admit I'm a sucker for end of the world-esque story lines. 
The Descendants--Filmed on Oahu. The trailer made me homesick for my parents house. I  fully expect the movie to create a knot in my throat from missing my family partying it up without me in Hawaii this Christmas. Also, benches from my dad's church were borrowed as props for the movie! When the film people initially called my dad to ask if they could borrow them, he said only if he got to meet George Clooney. Even though they somehow couldn't arrange that (ha), I absolutely love that my dad asked. And that he knew who George Clooney was.
Beginners--Somehow I missed this in the theaters?? I've loved Ewan since I was a wee one watching the [terrible] new Star Wars. Ok, not such a wee one, but still pretty terrible. Regardless, my love for Ewan has only grown. And Captain Von Trapp apparently comes out in it. Has anyone seen it? Will I love it? Because I really want to. See it, and love it.
The Future--I love Miranda July. I love Me You And Everyone We Know. Miles and I always quote the little boy, "its spinning.....from the metal". Don't ask me how that ever comes into daily conversation, I wouldn't know what to tell you. That just gives you a little picture of how odd our conversations can get. And I missed this one as well. Even though we live 3 blocks from the theater. Fail.

Miles and I love movies. Films. Whatevs you want to call them. And we do think there is a difference. And that there is a mixture in list above. We used to go see every single movie we ever had even the slightest desire to see in the theater but then we realized, oh, this is so stupidly expensive. And then discovered redbox and started to practice patience and self control..and money saving. We also kind of decided that spending two hours in a dark movie theater kind of swallowed up a lot of quality time we could've otherwise had. Since we don't get a lot of that regularly, we try to protect whatever time we do get.

That being said, the six movies in my list that are now showing or will be showing in theaters soon...I want to see them all in the theater. That's least $120...?!! Ok, after doing the extremely basic math that I had not thought of before...I'm going to have to settle for about half of that list. Insert pouty face. 

And really, this list was for my own use. And you just wasted about 5 minutes reading it. Gotchyaaazz!

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