December 05, 2011

Best Day EVAR

On Friday afternoon, Miles called me to tell me that he surprisingly didn't have to work the next day! When Miles gets a Saturday off that we were planning on him having to work (which is most Saturdays) I feel like I've won a million bucks. But its actually better than that, I've won a Saturday morning with the love of my life! Ok. Winning millions would be nice too, but lets not linger on that analogy.

We slept in (to 7:30) made breakfast together, sang along to Christmas songs on Pandora as we got ready together, went grocery shopping together, made several returns together, bought a Christmas tree stand, bought poinsettias, bought White Christmas...Basically the first half of our morning was just me running all the errands I needed to run while Miles was at work--but Miles was with me! Its so much more fun that way. 

Then we went to the Porter Flea Market and went nuts trying not to buy a million amazing things from each stall we passed by. We somewhat succeeded. We walked around East Nashy and fell in love with it all over like we always do whenever we cross the river for a visit (which is weekly), ate lunch at our favorite East Nashy bar and walked across the street to pick out our first little Christmas tree!

Once we decided which was the tree that needed the most love, we took it home and began making our paper chains, paper snowflakes and popcorn strings. The popcorn string making proved to be somewhat more tedious than anticipated. 

We filled our bellies with our drinks (draanks) of choice and our takeout from our favorite Italian restaurant, and sang along as we watched our newly purchased copy of White Christmas. And once White Christmas was over, we stayed up uncharacteristically late and indulged in our (very, extremely, embarrassingly late) obsession with Lost--as in we're only in the middle of season 1. 

But oh, what a wonderful, perfect Saturday! Definitely would rank in my list of top five most favorite days, if such a list existed. Also I took a few pictures. With my actual camera..that I haven't remembered to bring along anywhere in about 12 months. Shame. 

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