November 15, 2011

Handsome Boy

Miles was off this whole weekend, which hasn't happened since the wedding (we think/can't remember otherwise..) So I meant to take a million pictures to celebrate having two whole days together, but surprise, surprise, I failed. Looking through the [few] pictures yesterday I realized that I really only took pictures of Miles, with very few exceptions. He's just so cute. Good thing I married him.
Making sure we pick out the coolest/best matchbox cars for the Operation Christmas Child box we were putting together. It took a while. And we were totally lost/overwhelmed in the toy section of Target.
Being adorably patient while I got ready to go out Saturday night.
Being my hot date.
I wish I could say that I didn't eat my entire pizza after I snapped this picture. But that would be a lie.
This alley makes me happy and we would've eaten out here if it weren't so windy all weekend (and if they had their tables set up...)
And home time. With my million apple cinnamon candles and with my boo. 

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