November 09, 2011

Let's Pretend...

Right now I am home, cozied up on the couch pretending that it is much colder than 64 degrees outside. Pretending that the gusty wind is actually really chilly and the drizzles of rain are, in fact, flurries of snow. Listening to Dean Martin sing Silver Bells on Pandora and having my plethora of apple spice candles lit around me helps a lot with this game of pretend. Now Nat is helping with Joy to the World. 

There is a disaster of a kitchen just two rooms over, but I am ignoring it for now. I have a (nine days early!) birthday package sitting on my coffee table and I am trying to ignore it. I have a huge Goodwill drop off, and tons of movies and books to trade. But its just too cold to go out right now (remember?) 

Obviously I am all for bringing on the holidays a teensy but earlier than some would like. I am okay with that. I just need to stock up on candles. Or maybe I'll just start to mull spices. Thats something, right? At least it looks cold outside. I haven't totally lost my mind. 

I think the farm adventure this weekend allowed me to check off the "fall" season. Not that its not my absolute favorite. But really...its only my fave because it leads up to the holidays. So lets lead a little faster, shall we? Here's to our lovely fall evening out in the middle of nowhere. It was absolutely perfect.
All but the last were taken with my iPhone. Why did I even ask for a camera last birthday? I always forget it. But I love this last photo taken by someone else that night. With a real camera. 

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