November 22, 2011


My birthday was so wonderful! We celebrated all weekend and let me say, I got used to being spoiled. Miles planned a surprise dinner on my birthday with some of my most loved friends and family in Nashville. He had been acting weird most of the week before my birthday (making me decide on a restaurant 3 days early, making reservations, snatching my phone away from me and deleting text messages from friends who didn't realize they had been invited to a surprise dinner). But I was going to totally act surprised for him, until he told me about the surprise two minutes before we left the apartment. Silly boy. Silly boy! I'm sure I've mentioned before that I don't do well with last minute plan that was his reasoning behind telling me. But even if I hadn't suspected his plans, birthday surprises don't count as last minute plan changes. Just for clarification (and future reference, boo). But dinner was so wonderful, we all had our fill of delicious mexican food and margaritas and I felt so loved by all who came. Of course we all forgot to take any pictures...

So we just finished birthday celebrations this weekend, and tomorrow I get to pick up my brother and sister at the airport for thanksgiving festivities! Honestly, I am more excited about the rest of this week than I ever could be about my birthday. I can't wait to be with my siblings, my aunt and uncle and cousins, and have Miles off work for four whole days! SO EXCITED!

Also, I loved that my birthday started off with this StoryCorps story. It was a follow up of one of my favorite of the animated shorts from previous StoryCorps stories found here.
Honestly, I love all StoryCorps stories.

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