November 17, 2011

Last Day

Today is my last day as a 22 year old. My last day! How has a whole year passed by? I feel like I remember everything too well for some of those things to be a whole year away. This year was huge. This year I had my last Christmas at home without having a husband with me, I graduated, had an engagement shoot, had a bridal shower, went to Texas, went to my great-grandmother's 100th birthday party, watched Boo play live for the first time, read/fell into obsession with The Hunger Games, my fatty fish died after 3 years :(, Miles took me to see Les Miz, my sister came and lived with me for a spell, I planned my wedding like mad and then actually carried out all those plans.  I married Miles, we went to the Dominican Republic to honeymoon it up. I married Miles. Who am I kidding--that is definitely the biggest, most important, most memorable, most amazing part of my year.  Miles and I became a little family and put together a little home and began our life together. I started a nanny job and fell in love with a chubby legged baby girl. Some days she makes me want my own, and other days she makes me thankful that I get to hand her back to momma at 5:00. Today she is cuddly and sweet and taking good naps and laughing at everything--guess which type of day this is for me? My whole family (except Miles) met up in Chicago for hang times. Miles and I ate so many burgers and went on so many dates and watched so many movies and tv shows and found our own rhythm to live within. I don't want to forget anything about this year. So here is something to help me remember. Remember, Bethany! Remember who you are (/were as a 22 year old)..

So here is to an amazing year that has come to an end, and to a new one about to begin. I'm excited and ready! (I think) (definitely excited, hopefully ready)

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