January 06, 2012

Wait, Its A New Year Already?

Oy vey! I feel bad for not having blogged the obligatory new years reflection/resolution post. I loved reading everyone else's. Over the weekend, Miles and I had so many conversations about all that happened in 2011 and all that we hope for 2012. I feel like I had a huge blogged reflection on my birthday not too long ago, and not too much happened in the month between the bday and new years. Except a wonderful first Christmas with Boo. Woonnderrful.

The biggest thing in our lives right now is our pre-approvedness for a mortgage! Until a few months ago, Miles and I thought buying a house wasn't anywhere in our near future. Then we realized that was a false assumption. We're in no rush at all.  Our landlady is so sweet and we know she'll be more than willing to work with us if we don't find a home before our lease is up at the end of March, so that gives us enough breathing room to take our time to find the perfect house to buy. All that being said, houses are definitely  on the brain in our little family. Miles and I will email each other multiple listings throughout the day, and then drool and dream over the ones we love when we're home in the evenings. 

So its budget crunch time. As in, actually stick to our budget. Mostly me sticking to our budget. No more $3 coffees or strolling through Target. Also, say yes to any babysitting gigs. Which is so hard for me to do . I'm so protective of any time with Miles. And I basically babysit 50 hours a week as it is. I guess that also goes for working all my retails shifts instead of giving them away. Insert pouty face here.

Okay, heres one resolution for this blog--at least have some pictures to go along with wordy posts. Starting next time. 

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