January 24, 2012

Screeching Halt

So, maybe I jumped the gun with my extreme enthusiasm over the house. We had our home inspection yesterday and they found cracks in the exterior walls. Wompwomp. So we're meeting with our Realtor to see what our next steps can be. At least Miles and I agree that we're not going to buy a house that could have something wrong with the foundation. That would just be dumb. So now, we're just trying to let go. Not of the house entirely, but just of the situation. If we're really supposed to buy this house, then it will work out. If not, we'll just have more time to save money  and find something else. And I'm really trying to be okay with that. 
At least I have not one, but two kiddos to cuddle with today (and that its almost nap time for both of them)(Don't judge)

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