January 10, 2012

Apparently We Did Take Pictures...

I've gotten really terrible about taking pictures for the sake of documenting moments and memories. I even thought that I had only imagined taking pictures on/around Christmas, but I hadn't! Miles' mom is going to Italy in a few days and we're letter her take our camera along for the ride so it can finally be put to good use taking pictures of Rome, Verona, Milan, little Italian roads, the Colosseum.....okay, I'm jealous that our camera gets to be there with Miles' mom and we don't. But all that being said, I had to empty out the memory card last night and discovered a few pictures (as in like, 15) from Christmas. So I still didn't do very well at documenting, but its better than nothing!
our tree decorating party was fueled by pizza from our fave, Bella Napoli,
and White Christmas (this is my favorite part of the whole movie)
Miles' first ever attempt at a paper snowflake turned into our tree topping...star?
And at some point, Boo made the most amazing chess pie.
Obvious Christmas morning record choice.
The spread.
The other spread (way too much for two people)(I later learned)

And we still need to work on taking pictures of ourselves. 

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