January 19, 2012

House Times

So, remember that time I was weird and vague? (See post directly below) Well I can now say without feeling like I might spoil something, that we are in the process of purchasing a house! We stumbled upon the house on Sunday and fell head over heels in love with it. We made an offer on Tuesday and they accepted it without any counters yesterday! I can't believe this is real life. We can't believe this is real life. We're so excited with the potential that the house has. We will have so much room to grow as a family and so much time to create our dream home. We feel so blessed to not feel like we've settled for anything less than what we wanted--which with our budgeted price range, is truly amazing.

If all goes well, Miles and I will be home owners on February 22nd! Our first goal, before we move anything in, is to paint as many rooms as possible to colors that suit us better. Starting with the golden yellow kitchen, and the moving onto the lime green laundry room. I can't wait to have this giant, house-sized project to work on!

Also, this is the third Thursday of the month and therefore a mini-thanksgiving day for this family. If you couldn't already guess what we're most thankful for this month...then...I have no words. But honestly, Miles and I can't believe everything that has happened since Sunday. We are so thankful that our offer was accepted, that the home inspection isn't going to be as expensive as we thought, that we really feel like we're meant to buy this house.

Right around four years ago I realized that I kind of liked this guy that my roommate and I hung out with all the time. I remember the hushed confession to my roommate, her elated response and the many (perceived) awkward moments between he I, until we realized we felt the same way about each other. And here we are, four years later, married and buying a house. Doing really grown up things. And feeling like we're bluffing our way through everything. But four years later, this is our life, our little life that really started growing four years ago. I am so thankful that I'm faking all these grown up things with my very best friend. I  can't imagine being happier with any other life than the one we have right now. 

And you know I've been pinning like a crazy lady.


  1. I am SO HAPPY for you two crazy kids. And I am apparently going to have to investigate Pinterest. I held out for as long as I could but....if you are using it as a verb now, I really need to get on it.

  2. I think I resist almost every new internet thing that everyone else falls in love with. Really. Someone else signed me up for Facebook. I think I've tweeted....twice? But I really like Pintrest!
    side note--Caleb thought these were pictures of the actual house that we were buying....

  3. I just discovered your cute blog! I know we've met maybe like 3 times but I think you're adorable and I'm going to read all about you and your cutie husband when I get home from work :)

  4. i want to help you guys paint!!!!!! i'm so pumped to see your new crib!!!!!!!!!


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