July 31, 2012

Seven Weeks

And seven weeks later...we close! In an hour I will be sitting in a room with Boo and a bunch of other people, signing all the necessary documents to seal the deal on our house! We can hang pictures and curtains! We can build our fence, and buy a grill, and adopt a pup! We can install our security system, and I can sleep peacefully when Boo leaves for work! We can install a phone jack so we can have internet! We can start thinking about buying a much needed new car! So many things! All involving money leaving our pockets...Ah, home ownership!

I was talking to my mom last night about how relieved we are to be closing. We started this house hunting/buying process in January, so we've been in this mode for so long and are definitely ready to be in a different mode--the home owning kind of mode. I can already feel will be a pretty intense mode, but we're ready for it. There is a long list of immediate to-dos, and a longer list of general to-dos, and a growing list of "what if we did this..." to-dos.  But I love lists, so bring it on (she said naively).

I'm so grateful for everything that Miles and I have learned during this process. And we've learned a lot...mostly a lot to do with being patient. I don't think I've ever had to be so patient for something before. Which kind of isn't saying a lot..but still. And even then, I can't say that I was gracefully patient all the time. Miles has put up with this grumpy/whiney/pitiful wife on several occasions. He had to live in double patience--with the house situation, and with me. So thank you, Boo. You are more wonderful with each new day. You have my heart, home is where the heart is, and so home is wherever I'm with you. But I sure am glad we will own the actual house where our actual hearts will live.

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