July 09, 2012

Le Sigh, Will I Ever Learn?

I threw myself a pathetic pity party before I went to sleep last night. Miles did his best to cheer me up, but I was deep in it...for the smallest reasons (adding up to something a touch overwhelming). We still haven't closed. I've unpacked a little more of our stuff, but was reminded Friday that this house still isn't ours when the seller's wife came by the house and asked  bunch of weird questions about closing. We've been waiting for a month to close on this house, held up by a lot of things to do with the seller leaving the country (for a family emergency) without signing the proper documents for our closing. And on Friday, his wife basically asked me what the hold up was...

So there's that. 
And then a bunch of little silly things that I let build up in my mind, resulting in last night's tearfest.

Then, I woke up this morning feeling like a fool and my eyes still stinging from crying over...nothing, basically. Nothing that should hold any real weight in my life. Yes, we haven't really felt like we're at "home" for a couple months now, this process his dragged out longer than I could have imagined. But we're freaking buying a house. Its so amazing that we even have the opportunity to do that. And I have several other things to be thankful for about my life right this moment. I spend too much time dreaming of the future, even if its only seven days into the future, my mind is there and my heart longs for it, and then I miss out on what is right in front of  me. These things are right in front of me:

  • for one year and one week, I have been married to my sweet man
  • he bought me this book for our anniversary. I'm only a few stories in, and I've already cried several times 
  • even though we now know I am not a top of the mountain vacation girl (whereas Miles was 100% in his element), Boo still loves me
  • I trimmed by bangs last night and I don't look like a total dweeb (win!)
  • even though its not "my" kitchen yet, I still lovelovelove cooking in it
  • Boo got his hair cut for the first time in over a year last week, and it looks so. good.
  • He also decided that he's going to cut his hair more often now. Glory halleluyer!
  • my nanny baby was so happy to see me after over a week off work
  • my heart nearly exploded when I saw le bebe after aforementioned work break
  • Singin' in the Rain 60th anniversary showing on Thursday night (doh, thats in the future. but still)

No more pity parties, Bethany. Stop it.

On another note, I have so many photos in my camera from the past month. For the life of me, I cannot find my USB cord in any of our boxes!  I'm sure I'll end up ordering a new one, and then finding my old one immediately thereafter.

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