July 13, 2012

Life List

Lately, I've been thinking a lot about things I would like to learn how to do/do more often/make a habit out of.

Learn How To:


French braid. I really have no idea...

Use my DSLR without it being on automatic.

Use Photoshop. (Elements or Lightroom? Which one should I get--aka, which one is easiest?)

Press flowers. Surely its not that difficult.

Do More Often:

Stand up publicly for something I believe in. I'm shy, y'all. And a master excuse maker :(

Learn about, and get involved in, local politics.

See more musicals. Actually, can I just see Les Mis every month?

Spend more money on less clothes. aka, stop buying so much cheap junk.

Visit relatives in neighboring states.

Be more adventurous with my weekly meal planning. We eat a lot of the same things every week.
My B.

Go in to the salon for free bang trims instead of chopping them myself.

Eat at more family owned ethnic restaurants in our neighborhood.

Plan dates with Miles so we don't end up watching Netflix and eating pizza doing the same thing all the time.

Get out of Nashville for a weekend away with mahboo.

Make Them Habits:

Plan ahead & buy more gifts on Etsy.

Don't go to Target/ The mall/Trader Joe's/Bookstores just to wander around with the nanny bebe on a rainy/hot day. (Ahem, ex-pen-sive)

Farmer's Market produce shopping.

Once In a Lifetime:

Be at a live NPR show taping.


A gym. Like woah.

The Belcourt--we really have no excuse for not having done so already


  1. What a sweet and perfect list. Let's do some of these togethe! :)

    1. I would really love that. I know I've been a flake, things have been so weird with this house buying business, I feel like I can't plan anything! We're always holding out to close, and that never seems to happen :(
      But yes. Let's.


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