July 23, 2012

And Its Only Monday

At 11 in the morning, no less. 
It has definitely been one of those mornings. And I feel like I've complained too much lately, when good stuff really is happening, so I won't go into details. Because its stupid stuff anyways. But oh, how that stupid stuff burrows under your skin and makes you want to curl up and go back to bed. And it also makes you teary eyed at this picture :

Because even though you were on vacation at the beginning of this month...you need another one. And you need it to be Fall already and not so gross outside. Because you can almost feel the cool, crisp air in your lungs and on your cheeks when you see this picture. And that makes you sad, and its just a picture! So then you feel like a loser.

Or you'd also take simply closing on the house that you've been squatting living in for the past month (living in legally, promise). Closing on said house and being able to hang pictures, or put in your washer and dryer, or installing a phone jack so you can have internet and remember to pay your bills..

Or just...other things, like not being in stressful situations that are only occurring because you don't know how to say "no" sometimes. You really need to learn.

So while you learn, I will be looking forward to this weekend, with the start of the Olympics, getting to see this movie, going to the flea market, and hopefully being done with all the house buying junk by then. Hopefully. 

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  1. girl, I've definitely been there (well, except the house thing). All I can think about is the fall. I'm so seriously looking forward to it. Nathan & I have legitimately talked about moving back up North eventually because we are so. stinkin. sick. of this hot hot weather.

    Good luck with your house-buying situation. It'll be over soon, & that house will be YOURS soon. :-) Which is really stinkin' awesome. So, an early congratulations!


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