July 17, 2012

Mountainous Anniversary

For our anniversary, we decided to hole up in a cabin in the mountains, eat, drink, catch up on tv shows, read, and talk a whole lot. And thats exactly what we did. And for the most part, it was wonderful. But I learned that I am just not a mountain vacation kind of gal. At least not in the summer when there are thousands of bugs everywhere and its way too hot outside to sit on the deck and enjoy the view. I think it would be ah-mazing to be in the mountains in the Fall. Something about being in a cabin and being able to use the fireplace, and fire pit, and sit outside in the cool, crisp air...that sounds way more appealing that when we were there. I need to plan more season-appropriate vacations. Beaches for Summer, mountains for Fall. Check.

Also, I really enjoy the whole...being waited on at resorts/hotels and not having to clean up after yourself. How lazy am I? To me, it just feels like less of a vacation when you're washing dishes every night. I'm so posh, y'all. All that to say, Miles loved it, so I'm 100% content with our vacay since he really was able to relax and leave work behind.

We woke up late every morning, Miles made pancakes (since we're waffle people at home, we started out with a few burnt crispies, but by the end of the week, he was a pro. The MOST delicious pancakes I've ever eaten). Then we read. All day. I didn't even bring my makeup, and I wore the same thing everyday. We took naps if we wanted, read some more, started making dinner at sunset, ate together, then watched True Blood and drank all our wine. For four days. That part was wonderful.
Aaaand photo overload:
IMG_1472 IMG_1480 IMG_1485 IMG_1500 IMG_1511 IMG_1532 IMG_1544 IMG_1547 IMG_1574
IMG_1603 IMG_1611 IMG_1712 IMG_1716 IMG_1732 IMG_1787 IMG_1848 IMG_1850 IMG_1856

We're so thankful Miles' mom let us borrow her suv, there was no way we could've 1) fit our Ikea spoils into my car (and Boo's truck is the worst to travel in) 2) made it up the mountain in my car. Really.

And for our next anniversary celebration--it will not be near our anniversary. Getting married July 2nd was kind of the earliest date we could make work, but it makes for busy, expensive vacations right around the 4th when everyone is going...everywhere. Humph.

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