February 22, 2012

Baby Lovin'

I love watching this nanny baby. Good thing her parents recently asked me to work through next summer. I can't wait to see her walk and begin to talk. I can't believe how much of a personality she already has. And since I'm not her mommy, I think I'm a little less biased when I say she is sooo adorably beautiful. I think her eyelashes are honestly longer than mine. Most of all, this baby girl cracks me up. She is so goofy and mischievous. I swear she's smarter than she lets on. As soon as she learned how to crawl, it was game on. She is all over the place and pulls up on everything possible (and then some). If I'm sitting on the floor, I am her personal step stool/jungle gym. She's getting into everything, and obviously scaring/hurting herself a lot more when she bonks into something or topples over unexpectedly. 95% of the time she's totally fine, but she has to look over at me a little stunned and have me tell her that before she is sure and moves on to something else. Or the exact same thing. 

She now knows how to cry like she's hurt when she really just doesn't want to take a nap. It took me a while to figure that trick out. She only gives her mirrored reflection kisses. Working on that one. She laughs hysterically when I kiss her chin. She loves inspecting the bottom of her bottle and then playing with the resultant milk puddle. She hugs anything small enough to wrap her arms around, especially  baby dolls, she hold those to her chest so tight I could die from cuteness. She never sits straight in highchairs. She hates having her nose wiped. She loves music and dances on her knees whenever she hears a song. She has stood up on her own twice in the past two days, but only for a second or so. It still makes my heart skip a beat. My phone is 90% filled with pictures and videos of her. Just the other morning, she was playing around with all her toys across the room from me when she looked at me, smiled, b-lined over and plopped her head down on my lap. I know I'll love our babies so much more than I could ever love anyone else's...but, wow. This girl has all my baby lovin' until then. 

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