February 20, 2012

And Part Deux

I count this whole weekend as our Valentine's 2.0. Miles was off work and so we were able to spend so much time together. After doing tons of laundry, washing what felt like all of our pots, pans, glasses, dishes and silverware, vacuuming up a storm, finally doing some legit grocery shopping, and making our bed for the first time in weeks, we dated it up. 
For late giftings, Miles bought me a blender, and I bought him the second season of Bored to Death. Honestly, we each kind of picked out something we wanted for life in general, not thinking about v-day, and much later on decided that they were actually gifts. No guilt, best kind. We watched the first disc of the aforementioned series and then went to our favorite little Italian restaurant. Where we would've spent wayy too much money if it weren't for our lovely Groupon. I'm talking appetizers, pizzas, and desserts. Not just any dessert. Warm Nutella bread pudding. I died. Miles did not. Apparently he doesn't like Nutella? I only learned that after I had ordered it. 
Miles made delicious waffles and we enjoyed a leisurely morning before church. The giant snowflakes proved to be distracting during church. But who would complain of such a distraction? We ate lunch at Sloco, where we had the most delicious sandwiches of our lives. Then we ate Sushi at PM with Miles' mom right after Sloco because he forgot to tell me we were actually supposed to have lunch with her.

Then we all went to see Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close..Where do I even begin with that movie? It was honestly one of the most wonderful movies I've ever seen. Ever! I loved reading the book years ago, and I really want to read it again now. But I feel like I'm telling everyone that they need to go see it ASAP. Because I am. Because you should. Yes, as always, there are things in the book that of course aren't in the movie, but I don't even know how they would include all the little Oscar-isms in the movie. I still think they did an amazing job with the movie. I sat with tears of pure joy clouding my eyes, or tears of complete sadness streaming down my cheeks the entire movie. It's such a beautiful story of self discovery, grief, loss, growth, love...everything. Watch it. 

I fell in love all over again with "the renter" (Max Von Sydow was perfect) 
and the oxymoron wars
Please can I watch it again, right now? Like...right now? What's that? I have to work? Bummer.

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