January 28, 2014

Tennessee to Oregon

It was absolutely gorgeous all week. We saw a bunch of cows, horses and tumbleweeds, unbelievable colors in Arizona and New Mexico, discovered Gallup is an extremely scary and depressing town, learned that you can see the light from Las Vegas filling (ahem, polluting) the sky from 100 miles away, and that theres a whole lot of nothing in between the bigger cities in the southwest.

Miles and I listened to four audio books, and are still trying to finish the last one we started--its a little harder in 10 minute bursts of in-town driving now. Jack was so stressed he started to lose his hair.  We thought we lost Rowan in our Las Vegas hotel. After a solid 15 minutes of frantically walking running  through the lobby and down all the hallways, we found him hiding really well under the bed in our room. Boone actually did the best of all our animals on the trip (he is now the worst in Bend. its like the terrible twos for dogs with him). We drank so much gas station coffee and ate all the weird flavored chips, and we made it to Bend without any real issues. 

This is obviously a briefest of summaries. This was huge--the trip and the journey. The trip is over, I'm still processing what the end result is...

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  1. these photos are amazing Bethany Benefield in Bend. i want to hear more. miss you all so very much.


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