August 16, 2012

Junior Reminder

My junior year of high school, I had this friend who was unlike any other friend I'd ever had. Apart from having tons of fun together, we also leaned on each other pretty hard during some rough times that year. We've definitely gone our separate ways, living very different lives, on very opposite sides of the planet. But we will always have junior year. And I am a better person because of this friendship. One thing we both loved, was Dashboard Confessional. May I continue to remind you this was at the age of sixteen. And if ever I hear a Dashboard song, I immediately feel like that sixteen year old again. We used to tell each other to "remember to breathe*" during our various individual rough times. All that to say, I am reminding myself to breathe today. I tend to let everything build up in my head, and that always makes it worse than it is reality. So I need to inhale, exhale, and let every worry, stress, thought float away.

Closing on our house was amazing, but we quickly realized we really needed to pace ourselves with all of our home projects. We have a lot of home projects, most of which are pretty expensive (for us, at least). We also need new cars, both of us. Yay! Not. We are eager to be able to adopt some kittens and pups, but need to get a few things sorted before that. I am faced with some decisions about my nannying job, and making those decisions with a lot of people. And all these decisions also make me think about life after nannying, whenever that is, whatever that will look like. All that to say, I feel pretty stretched thin. Very thankful, but very overwhelmed. 

So sometimes I just need to remind myself to breath, even if the rest of the song doesn't apply. (Because when would it?...I only sometimes wear blue)

*re-listening to this 

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