August 20, 2012

Coffee, Books, Husband

In an effort to experience more of this city we love, we've started making lists of restaurants & coffee shops that we want to try. I've lived here five years and am ashamed to say that I (we) tend to stick to our favorite places whenever we go out. I've also only ever lived in the Belmont/Hillsboro area, so most of our favorite places were within walking distance from where we lived. Moving to a different part of town was a conscious effort to branch out from what we knew and to get out of our little bubble. We've already found our new favorite Thai place right down the street from our house.

We are hoping to go to a different coffee shop/cafe every Sunday morning, instead of always going to Bongo. Bongo got me through school, but there are way too many coffee shops around town that we've never set foot in, so we're going to change that. Yesterday, Miles and I went to Sam & Zoe's and so enjoyed  the beautiful weather and having the deck mostly to ourselves. With our books in tow, we hope to create a new Sunday tradition. There's just something about being intentional with where you go, venturing away from what you know, and taking time to sit and enjoy company without the distractions of everything in our house. 

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