April 01, 2013


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Can I just say how much I seriously love my sister? She is absolutely one of the best people I know. That being said, all the other best people I know happen to also be in my family....I'm not at all biased or partial, I'm just that lucky.

This girl is living it up in Chicago--a city we all know I constantly drool over and dream about. She takes the friggin coolest courses in school. She's getting certified as a non-profit professional--which is more legit than my whole degree. She has the absolute funniest real life stories. She is so goofy and holds her own in the sarcasm city that is my life. We say whole, unplanned sentences together more than should naturally be possible. Poor Miles is doubly made fun of whenever my sister and I are together.

Hannah and I weren't really close (like, at all) until my senior year of high school, so we really missed out on some quality time together. But I think we've more than made up for that. I have so enjoyed watching her grow into an incredible, smart, strong young woman, and to see our relationship grow into adulthood. She is my kindred spirit and my best friend. She is amazing and I can't wait to see more of what her life holds and how she rises to the occasion!