November 01, 2012

November Love

It is finally November!! November is my very favorite month for oh so many reasons: Its chilly outside, I have reached the globally accepted date my personally set date of choice for when I can begin to listen to Christmas music (yep, I'm that person)...and this November, my birthday and Thanksgiving fall within the same week. So not only do I get a weekend birthday celebration, but I will only have 2 (and maybe one half) days of work and then my brother and sister are coming to town! Can someone say best week ever?? I can. I can also write it down in every calendar in my life, and I have.

Miles and I are hosting Thanksgiving this year...whatever that means when there is only going to be a handful of people over. But still, I'm sure I'll start stressing over that soon enough. And then we get to go pick out a Christmas tree and hopefully decorate it while my siblings are still in town! This will be my second Christmas spent away from my family, but if I get to decorate this tree with not one, but three of my favorite family members (for the record, I love them all and they are all my favorite) in the whole world, I think that may take some of the sting away when Christmas rolls around.

If November is my favorite month, Christmas is definitely my favorite holiday season. I'm actually really sad on Christmas day because that means its all over. All the beautiful lights, wonderful music,  the old movies, the warm fuzzies...le sigh. I seriously love it so much...and so I let all that begin--much to Boo's chagrin, in November. Because I'll never get enough.

I love everything on this blog, and in Oana's etsy shop. Click here for the November desktop calendar!

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