October 08, 2012

When Parents Come to Town...

And you only take a handful of pictures. 
First of all let me just say that last week was one of the most exhausting weeks of my life. I started watching a three-month old along with my regular nanny baby, and having two under the age of two just about did me in. 

My parents came for a short visit at the beginning of the week last week and it was so good to see them. I just wish I could've taken off from work, or at least not been so overwhelmed and exhausted from my new responsibilities. We ate so much Mexican food one night that I really thought I wouldn't be able to stand up from our booth, and then we had an old fashioned burger night just the way we had it when I was growing up. It was fun watching my dad and Miles at the grill, since my parents live so far away, Miles and my parents are still getting to know each other better. Not that its ever been weird, I just love any chance that my parents get to spend with Miles. 

IMG_2722 IMG_2725 IMG_2728 IMG_2732

I love these three so much. I wish my brother and sister could've been there too. Guess I'll just have to wait for Thanksgiving! But then my parents will be missing. Yeesh, can't win.

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