September 13, 2012

Coffee, Books, Husband

We went to Dose last Sunday for our weekly coffee shop exploration (we got up late and just went to Bongo the Sunday before that, old habits die hard). I loved the atmosphere, and that we snagged one of the booths before it got too busy. Miles got a cinnamon raisin bagel and I had toast with Amish apricot jam and both were delicious. I'm surprised I got a picture in before Miles inhaled his bagel.

Although Miles isn't the best "sit at a table forever" kind of guy--he's pretty much dying to go after 45 minutes tops, I am really enjoying these Sunday mornings with him. Even if I could always stay for hours longer.


He's so handsome. Like all the time, gah. And after I saw the pictures he took of me that morning, I got it in my head that I wanted to chop all my hair off again. We'll see, I've been growing it out forever--with not as much as I'd hoped to show for it.

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